Spruce Labs is on a mission

To bring the latest technology to industries that can use it the most

2015 - Company Established

Focus on user centered continuous develpment

2015 - B2C Apps & Sites

To test the platform, we launched iOS apps Deetle, PeepDeets and Melfie. We also launched a B2C website named Styleabra.com.

2016 - B2B Pivot

Seeing an opportunity to disrupt the LIMS space and partnering with our first B2B customer, Ultimate Labs, we set out to build the platform to a SaaS platform to serve laboratories.

2017 - SmartLabFlow Launch

In early 2017, SmartLabFlow MVP developed and throughout 2017 we have been iterating with Ultimate Labs on features and roll out.

Meet the Team

Kit Corey

Founder & CEO

Kit has been creating software products for over 20 years. He has lead development teams at ServiceNow, IBM, PlaySpan, and Convergys. He has a BS in Computer Science from the University of Cincinnati and a Masters in Business Administration from the Lindner School of Business.

Aliff Macapinlac

Software Developer

Aliff joins us as a developer. He is currently also a student in UC San Diego's Data Science program. Aliff is tearing into technologies like Angular and Node.js and is dabbling in DevOps as well. We are expecting big things from Aliff.

Nicole Szachowicz

Software Developer

Nicole is putting her Bioinformatics degree from UCSD to work in our engineering department. She is the primary developer for collaboration tools and does some UX work.

Andrew Mokhtarzadeh

Software Developer

Andrew brings his growth hacking light bulbs to the team. He is a Computer Science major at UCSD and is in trainig to be our devops guru.


Spruce Ninjas

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